Pieve di San Giovanni Battista (Ponte allo Spino)

Pieve di San Giovanni Battista

Siena Sposi presents the ancient and beautiful Pieve di San Giovanni Battista in Ponte allo Spino for the celebration of your wedding in Siena.

The church is mentioned as far back as 1050 and according to tradition the building that has come down to us was built by the Vallombrosian monks of Torri.
Very few traces of the ancient church have been preserved in the more recent construction, namely the sculptures of the capitals and the baptismal font. Next in order of antiquity is the bell tower, whose basement coexists with this remote construction at least up to the impost of the first order of pilasters. The interior of the Parish Church of St John the Baptist displays an architectural style inspired by late French Romanesque, very close to Gothic. The first bay on the right is smaller than the others, because it incorporates the pre-existing bell tower. The capitals have a wide variety of depictions: from human figures to geometric motifs and are of high quality. On the left are the remains of a small cloister dating back to the end of the 12th century, which came to light during the latest restoration work, consisting of a succession of nine small arches on small columns.


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