To plan a wedding in Siena is to make a dream come true: the distinctive medieval streets, historical buildings and enviable food and wine heritage will make your event unique.

Siena Sposi is the official directory, commissioned by the Municipality of Siena, that contains the entire wedding world of the Terre di Siena, meaning the entire territory surrounding the city and the city itself. It is a project that was launched with the aim of shortening the distances between the beautiful city of Siena, the professionals operating in its territory, and the future brides and grooms who dream of celebrating their wedding in these very lands, gathering for them information on suppliers, events, venues, and bureaucratic issues to simplify their choice.

Over the last few years, Siena has been chosen more and more often as the location for destination weddings by both Italians and foreigners: this is why we came up with the idea of bringing together in a single directory all the companies and individuals operating in this field, as their exposure guarantees even greater visibility to Siena’s wedding industry, increasing the production not only of single companies, but above all of the entire destination.

By helping Siena and its territory to increase the competitiveness of its services in the industry, Siena Sposi also represents an excellent opportunity for future brides and grooms interested in making the Sienese territory the setting for their wedding day: through various posts, news, and contacts, they will be able to learn about a land in which culinary excellence, natural beauty, and architectural treasures combine to make a wedding a real dream.

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