Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta in Rapolano Terme

Santa Maria Assunta a Rapolano

The Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta in Rapolano Terme, a few kilometres from Siena, may be the ideal church for the religious ceremony of your wedding.

Characterised by its simple Renaissance façade, it jealously guards pictorial masterpieces of great interest.

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta was consecrated in 1646, but only the rich architectural façade with coupled columns remains of the original construction. The present configuration, recently restored, dates back to the years before 1830. Works of art include the venerated image of the Madonna del Latte, attributed to the 14th-century painter Paolo di Giovanni Fei. Also preserved are two 16th-century oil-on-board roundels, the Virgin Annunciate and the Announcing Angel. Also not to be overlooked are the beautiful 17th-century painting of the Assumption; a small 15th-century wooden Crucifix and the Madonna handing the Child to St. Francesca Romana, attributed to 17th-century artist Deifebo Burbarini.

Today, the archpriesthood of Santa Maria Assunta is also the parish seat of the town of Rapolano Terme.


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