Siena is located in the centre of Tuscany, immersed in a vast hilly territory and crossed by numerous rivers, including the Elsa and Orcia. It is not only a hub of culture, but above all a major centre for agriculture and viticulture.

Terre di Siena

A unique place to rediscovery desires and deep emotions. A visit to Terre di Siena will be an opportunity to enjoy moments of wellness and relaxation, amidst the thermal waters and the splendid landscape of the Crete Senesi. An extraordinary destination with an artistic, cultural and gastronomic heritage of infinite richness.

A romantic natural setting that, depending on the season, is tinged with unique colours that trace routes to be discovered.



Siena, a medieval city of dazzling beauty, became a UNESCO heritage site in 1995. The recognition came for the urban and architectural characteristics of the city's historic centre: the palaces, monuments, churches, urban spaces, which over the centuries have undergone an evolution, between the 12th and 15th centuries, during which the Republic of Siena strongly influenced art throughout Europe. Piazza del Campo, the Torre del Mangia, the Duomo, are real jewels that will leave you speechless. In Siena, traditions are not just stories to be told, but experiences to be lived with great emotion.



This landscape is quite unique in the world. Rich in biancane, rare white pebbles of clay and sand, the last trace of an ancient seabed from past geological eras, it has been the setting for several films. In the southern area, near the village of Chiusure and the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, on the other hand, the calanchi (gullies) dominate, deep furrows in the ground arranged like a knife blade, making the landscape an extremely fascinating and unusual place. Gentle Tuscan hills, cypress-lined roads and breathtaking sunsets, here you will find the perfect setting for your wedding photos and long romantic walks in nature.



Treat yourself to moments of wellness and relaxation by plunging into the thermal waters of the Terre di Siena. In the municipality of Rapolano Terme, in fact, there are two important thermal baths: Terme Antica Querciolaia and Terme di San Giovanni, both immersed in the nature of the Crete Senesi. The waters here flow naturally from the spring at temperatures around 39°C. These waters are rich in sulphur, bicarbonate and calcium and therefore enjoy healing properties. A bath in these waters will give you sensations of well-being and relaxation and a romantic experience with your partner!



MEDIEVAL VILLAGES An extraordinary destination with an infinitely rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage. Starting with the capital city, Siena, the most beautiful medieval village in Tuscany, whose architectural and cultural beauty attracts visitors from all over the world every year. But there are many must-see places in Terre di Siena: Buonconvento, Murlo, Asciano, Sovicille, Chiusdino, are among the most characteristic medieval villages in Tuscany. A land of history and beauty scattered everywhere.



In the Middle Ages, the Italian peninsula was continually traversed by pilgrims from all over Europe, who set out with the aim of reaching Rome, then one of the three peregrinationes maiores. Thus the need arose to create safe routes, of which we still find traces today, linking lands far away from each other: one of the most important is the Via Francigena, a route that crosses several European lands, starting from Canterbury, and that in the Sienese territory covers 120 kilometres of countryside, in particular through the territories of: Buonconvento, Monteroni d'Arbia and Siena. Today, the Via Fancigena crosses the heart of the city of Siena along the main axis of the centre, and then exits the city through the Porta Romana, which looks directly at the capital.