Chiesa del Beato Antonio Patrizi in Monticiano

Chiesa del Beato Patrizi

In Monticiano, in the Chiesa del Beato Antonio Patrizi, couples can celebrate their wedding in the province of Siena.

The wide nave, altered towards the end, has a simple gabled façade with a beautiful portal with a round arch. Long Gothic single lancet windows, with a trefoil arch, are inserted in the side walls. The 16th-century cloister opens on the left side.

The interior of the Church of Blessed Antonio Patrizi, which was remodelled in the Baroque period, contains detached frescoes from the 14th century and a painting by Rutilio Manetti depicting the Death of Blessed Antonio Patrizi. The chapter house of the former convent contains interesting monochrome frescoes by Sienese artists close to Carlo di Giovanni, Pietro di Giovanni d’Ambrogio and Giovanni di Paolo (mid-15th century).


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