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Villa Armena is located at the heart of the most romantic Tuscany. It is 20 minutes from Siena, a short walk from Montalcino and the Val d’Orci, in a fairytale setting where you can breathe magic and savour beauty.

Red bricks, original oak-beamed ceilings and roof, 16th-century mezzanine floors and a beautiful Italian-style garden testify to Villa Armena’s late Renaissance age. It has now become an exclusive Resort, with 10 rooms, all different from each other, where service, attention to detail and exclusivity are the fundamental pillars of the accommodation offer.

Close your eyes for a second and imagine yourself walking on a carpet of soft grass, among rows of cypresses, maritime pines and olive trees. The air is fresh, the sky a perfect shade of blue and the sun gently caresses your skin with its fatherly warmth. All around are roses of all colours. Welcome to the park of Villa Armena! A magical place in which to awaken your senses by strolling through the Garden of Fragrances, indulging in some well-deserved relaxation in the Ancient Fruit Corner, or sipping tea in one of the sweet rose gardens.

Built by Baldassarre Peruzzi in the first half of the 16th century, it was the country residence of the Sienese Malavolti family. A noble lineage that was fortunate enough to count no less than nine Captains of the People among its ranks. Legend has it that the name Armena was given to the Villa and its immediate surroundings by a Malavolti. He, returning from a crusade in the Holy Land, stopped off in Armenia where he fell in love with a beautiful young girl. Returning to Italy to celebrate the wedding, he decided to dedicate his fiefdom to his beloved, naming it – precisely – Armena. as a sign of respect for the origins of she who so powerfully entered his heart and life.

Villa Armena is located in Buonconvento in the heart of the Crete Senesi. A charming and historically significant centre, Buonconvento is a member of the prestigious association ‘I borghi più belli d’Italia’ (Italy’s most beautiful villages).

Imagine villas, farmhouses, monasteries and centuries-old abbeys. And then long rows of vineyards that seem to chase each other. Groups of olive trees, so close to each other that they seem to protect each other by giving each other a gentle caress with their long branches. Hundreds of cypress trees competing to be the first to reach that little cloud lost in the sea of blue sky that overlooks it all. And between a glass of Brunello, the greeting of a farmer and the innocent smile of a child, you will fall madly in love with this small, humble part of the world, where the sun is still warm and the air fresh and delicate.

For many, Tuscany represents the best of what Italy has to offer: breathtaking landscapes, art, history, culture and the highest gastronomy. Villa Armena is the ideal venue for a memorable ceremony, not only because of the romantic atmosphere there, but also thanks to its optimal geographic location (in the heart of Italy and connected to 5 international airports), impeccable and refined service and the dedicated staff.

From this hundred-year-old tree that welcomes guests at the entrance to the Villa’s garden comes the name of our restaurant. Why Allegro? Because conviviality is a fundamental moment of the day, which must be experienced in a well-kept, elegant ambience where an atmosphere of pleasantness shines through; where the combination of tradition and fantasy in execution produces excellent results that are never banal. The same care and attention is given to breakfast, taken in the courtyard of Villa Armena, where the warm Tuscan sun will be the first to give its ‘welcome’.


What is your maximum capacity?

It depends on the season

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Is it possible to use the swimming pool, if present?


Is the pool during the event reserved for wedding guests only?

Only if you rent the whole Villa

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