Sala Storica of the Biblioteca Comunale degli Intronati

The Venue

The Sala Storica of the Biblioteca Comunale degli Intronati (Historical Hall of the Municipal Library of the Intronati) is one of the oldest cultural institutions in the city of Siena, used primarily as a place of study and consultation of literary materials. The Biblioteca degli Intronati has had its own particular evolution, marked by two well-defined periods of management: first born as a cultural attraction, it was then made a municipal institution.

The origins of the Biblioteca degli Intronati date back to 1758, when archdeacon Sallustio Bandini donated his library to the University so that it would have an adequate literary collection, since it did not have its own library. In 1978, however, a major earthquake forced the closure of the premises, which were later reopened in 1808 after the University of Siena was suppressed by the French government.

The official birth of the Biblioteca Comunale degli Intronati took place in 1812, after a French decree reopened the premises by uniting them with the convent of Sant’Agostino, ceding the property to the community of Siena; from then on, the new institution did nothing but grow richer by taking over all the library holdings that had been suppressed by the French, concentrating on the Sienese territory.

For those who are looking for an unconventional place to celebrate their big day, the stunning Sala Storica della Biblioteca Comunale degli Intronati is the right place, as it offers an unusual and evocative venue that is bound to amaze and excite. Immersed in history and pure Sienese culture, it will be impossible to forget this perfect day of enchantment.


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