Fortunato Caracciolo

Fortunato caracciolo Anteprima

My name is Fortunato Caracciolo. I was born in 1975, and I started to experience photography in the family studio at the same time as I had my first teeth. I became a Professional Photographer with a specialisation in Reportage at the Istituto Superiore di Fotografia in Rome.

To my credit I have a long series of work experiences gained over many years of photography. Over these years, in addition to producing a lot of works, I have obtained several national and international awards.

I work with my own staff of professional photographers and collaborators, producing photographic services throughout Italy and abroad. I regularly attend numerous workshops held by the world’s most famous photographers, as I believe there is always something to learn and that daily confrontation with others makes us grow day by day.

Many people often ask me: what is the most beautiful photo you have ever taken? I answer, the one I will take tomorrow, precisely because I am always looking for that something that pushes me day after day to do this wonderful job and to love it with all my soul.

It gives me infinite joy to think that every time I take a photograph, I can ‘stop’ time, I can give a little of my feelings, a little of my soul and my thoughts, but above all I like to think that I am doing the most beautiful job in the world!


Piazza dell’Abbadia, 1/2 53100 Siena

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+39 389 6878625