Diego Poggialini

Diego Poggialini, anteprima

My name is Diego Poggialini. For almost fifteen years I have enjoyed recording what strikes me among all the wonders I come across.
After five years of Art School, the passion that still accompanies me has guided me in the task of searching for what is beautiful; a job that never ends. My good fortune was also a family that taught me not to be uncomfortable with exposures, times and diaphragms. The desire to discover beauty did the rest and, somewhat by chance, today this is my world.

Born in the 1980s, I have always lived amidst the wonders of the Val d’ Arbia and Val d’ Orcia, and never dreamed of changing scenery. Even today, I am still driven by my curiosity to get to know people the way I know how: through a lens and a bit of imagination. It’s my way of tiptoeing into their lives, which is essential for me to tailor an image that fits them like a suit at the tailor’s.
Usually in this way we are able to enjoy ourselves as a couple: this helps even more to get to know each other better, to trust each other more, to be better together.

But then what did I find?

In this walk I found what I believe everyone, if they find their way, finds. I met the music in the ‘right’ smile of the person looking into my lens, I listened to the poetry of the gaze of two people who love each other, I enjoyed, perhaps a little as an intruder, the intimacy of a mother looking at her belly waiting for that moment…

… things belonging to everyone, things that were also mine.”


Via Soccini 22 – 53022 – Buonconvento (SI)

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