Fonti di Pescaia

Fonti di Pescaia

The Venue

The ancient Fonti di Pescaia stand outside the Porta di Camollia. They are located between the hill of the modern liberty quarter of San Prospero and that of San Basilio. Outside what used to be the Porta di Pescaia, closed in 1369 due to the great fear of enemy invasion. Traces of this ancient gate can still be seen in the apse of the fine Fontegiusta church, which was erected near the Pescaia gate.

The well-preserved and recently restored Fonti di Pescaia is characterised by three beautiful arches. Between the 17th and early 18th century, it was enlarged with the construction of a house that breaks the harmony of the architectural structure.

Above the Fonti, a remarkable Water Museum was set up in 2010. The museum, using all the most modern technical and computerised aids, shows the birth of that miraculous engineering project for the construction of the bottini. This project was presented in 1334 by Jacopo di Vanni di Ugolino to the General Council of the Republic of Siena. The bottini were underground tiled conduits that took water outside the city and transported it inside, supplying both public springs and private buildings.

This is an unusual and evocative location for the celebration of your civil wedding in Siena, in a historic venue surrounded by a green lawn overlooked by the ancient Fonti.



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