Cretalandia, anteprima

CretaLandia produces handmade pottery according to traditional Italian methods.
The workshop is in Asciano, a small town in Tuscany south of Siena, where ceramic production has flourished since the Middle Ages. In the workshop, which was opened in 2018, modern ceramics are made but also inspired by tradition. Decorative plates, clocks, vases, piggy banks, various gift items and favours. All objects can also be customised according to the customer’s wishes and expectations.

The name CretaLandia was chosen to evoke the idea of play and fun that are the basis of an imaginative and original creative process. The ceramics are born from the creativity of the moment and are therefore unique and different from each other.

Of course, the etymology of the word also recalls the modern English language, where ‘land’ means ‘country, land’ and the Italian word ‘creta’ (clay). Literally CretaLandia means ‘the land of clay’; it is no coincidence that this name was chosen: Asciano is located in the heart of the ‘Crete Senesi’, a landscape known for its natural beauty and characterised by the presence of clay (creta) in the soil. These places are also an inspiration in the production of CretaLandia ceramics in paintings with Tuscan landscapes.

There are moments in our lives that give us unique emotions, real milestones that mark the most important milestones of our existence. On these occasions we wish more than anything else to share the joy and uniqueness of certain moments with the people we love. So what could be better than giving something to serve as a symbol, a reminder to make those moments unforgettable?

That is why I have created a line of favours designed to encapsulate your most beautiful memories, combining tradition and originality.

Special occasions, special favours

Wedding favours have always been one of the most difficult choices to make when we have to organise an event for an anniversary. Weddings, anniversaries, graduations, baptisms, communions and confirmations: these are the moments that require the presence of these small objects with a strong symbolic charge. It happens very often, however, that we end up taking something trivial or in any case unrepresentative of who we are, not realising how important favours can be for those who receive them. Cretalandia is the place where you can find what’s right for you, the perfect combination of taste, novelty and sensitivity.

Handmade favours, designed for you

If you do not find anything suitable for you in my catalogue, we can design together a unique object that best represents who you are and the importance of the occasion you wish to celebrate. Your guests will thus receive an original artefact, something unrepeatable and exciting, just like the event they will be attending. Without forgetting the intrinsic value of Cretalandia’s favours, which unlike classic favours can easily be reused by your loved ones to decorate their homes, adding a touch of style and curiosity to the surroundings.
Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, graduation or christening, Cretalandia favours are the perfect solution to colour your every special moment with emotion, making it unique for you and your guests.


Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 25, 53041 Asciano (SI)

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+39 0577 572939 +39 347 1038175



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