San Fortunato in Murlo

Chiesa di San Fortunato a Murlo

The church of San Fortunato in Murlo is a beautiful church to celebrate a religious wedding in Siena.

Until 1778 it had the status of ‘cathedral’ of the bishop’s fiefdom, as the bishop of Siena performed religious services there when he stayed in the nearby palace.
It is known from the 12th century, but the current construction dates back to the late 16th century. In the 17th century, the two altars in the transept were erected in stucco, imitating polychrome marble, with paintings by Astolfo Petrazzi and Dionisio Montorselli.

The baptismal font also dates back to the end of the 17th century: an older, 15th-century font was rediscovered in the basin, which bears sculpted festoons, a band decorated with foliage and the Bernardinian monogram. Also of note are two stoups: one 16th-century and the other 14th-century. The titular saint of the church is Saint Fortunato of Todi.

The church of San Fortunato in Murlo is atruly special and authentic venue to celebrate your wedding in Siena.

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