Sala del Concistoro

Sala del Concistoro

The Hall

The Sala del Concistoro is a monumental hall in the Palazzo Pubblico of Siena, in Piazza del Campo, the seat of the Municipality. Located on the first floor of the palazzo, it was initially frescoed by Domenico Beccafumi starting with the vaults. From the second half of the 17th century, it was the meeting hall of the Consistory, from which it takes its name. The Consistory, the supreme Magistrate of the Republic of Siena, was a collegial body, presided over and convened by the Capitano del Popolo. Its peculiarity was that it was composed of citizens drawn by lot for a duration of two months.

It is one of the most fascinating places in Siena, in which to celebrate your civil marriage. You enter it through a marvellous 15th-century marble doorway attributed to Rossellino, and from here you can enjoy an overview of one of the masterpieces of Italian Mannerism: Beccafumi’s cycle of ‘Public Virtues and their examples taken from Greek and Roman history‘. The events depicted are dedicated to the virtuous men of Greek and Roman antiquity, taken from a writing by the historian Valerius Maximus, and are linked to three fundamental values: patriotism, justice, and concord.

In a setting so rich in history and beauty, you will be left speechless. The venue will make your civil ceremony magical and the atmosphere will enchant all your guests. You will be embraced by timeless elegance and the art will be the perfect witness to the crowning glory of your love.

The maximum capacity of the Sala del Concistoro is 50 people, and if you intend to get married with a religious rite (or any other type of rite) you must be in possession of the request from the Minister of Worship and you must carry out the online procedure for the publications; the wedding must necessarily be celebrated within 180 days of the publication.


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