Marrying in Siena: a wedding outside the City Hall

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From April 2019, the marvellous wedding venues in Siena will be joined by prestigious private properties of particular artistic and historical value for newlyweds: the premises of the Palazzo Comunale.
Thanks to a cut in rates, these exceptionally valuable venues are now accessible to both Sienese and foreigners, without any difference; suffice it to say that the Sala del Mappamondo in the City Hall will be usable for the price of 5 thousand euro.

This was the City Council’s cunning move to boost wedding tourism, on the initiative of the Councillor for Tourism Alberto Tirelli, who heads the project “Sposarsi a Siena: un matrimonio fuori dal Comune” (‘Marrying in Siena: a wedding outside the City Hall’). Two exclusive venues will be available for the first time: ‘Le Volte di Vico Bello’ (at the price of 300 euro for the Sienese, and 500 for others) and (with the same prices) the Castel di Pugna farm. Prices are also down for the Loggia dei Nove, 300 euro instead of 500 for the Sienese and 1500 euro instead of 2500 for foreigners.

A very smart move this on the part of the municipality, which has done nothing but increase the number of wedding ceremonies held on their territory since then.