Le Fate dei Fiori

Le Fate dei Fiori, anteprima

The entire staff at Le Fate dei Fiori, led by Annalisa, creates precious floral settings for your wedding. We base ourselves on your tastes, proposing solutions in line with your chosen style to personalise your most beautiful day.

Why choose us

Using only the freshest flowers and original accessories, the staff at Le Fate dei Fiori create beautiful flower arrangements: centrepieces, decorations for the church, the venue and your home, bouquets, buttonhole flowers, bracelets, brooches, on your wedding day you will be surrounded by accessories that perfectly match the style of the event.

Together with these professionals, you will plan your wedding decoration in every detail, so that you will receive a highly personalised service in line with the mood you have chosen for your special day.



  • Bridal bouquets
  • floral decorations for the ceremony
  • floral decorations for the reception
  • bouquet preservation
  • wedding favours
  • car arrangements
  • brooches
  • hats with floral inserts
  • wedding packages

Wedding packages include

  • church or other venue set-up
  • bride’s bouquet
  • bridesmaids’ bouquet
  • buttons and more


Via Baldassarre Peruzzi, 72, 53100 Siena

Contact number

+39 0577 223175 +39 3397348465

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