Il Mestolo

Il Mestolo, anteprima

Il Mestolo was born as a great challenge, that of creating a fish based restaurant in Siena, in the heart of Tuscany. It was a challenge, because when Il Mestolo made its debut, fish was still something that was strictly eaten by the sea.

However, Gaetano and Nicoletta‘s expectations were not disappointed. Within a short time, in fact, going to eat fish at the Mestolo became almost a ritual that the Sienese in particular could not give up. A loyal ‘local’ clientele that returns often, while foreigners are the smallest percentage in terms of attendance.

Il Mestolo’s cooking philosophy is based on a simple and direct identity, with very little intrusive processing. All dishes must enhance the freshness of the main product of the kitchen, always combined with seasonal vegetables and fruits, such as mushrooms and truffles.

For your catering we will not alter the way we work. From the kitchen, the dishes will be artfully packaged. As in the restaurant menu, tradition will be recalled and, at the same time, chef Nicoletta’s creative touches will be present.

Oil and vegetables thrive in the neighbouring lands, and are employed daily to enhance the freshness that comes to the table.


Via Fiorentina 81, 53100 Siena

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+39 0577 51531


Il Mestolo

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