From shed to dream venue – Siena boosts industrial wedding chic

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We invested in industrial wedding chic, we chose to enhance what used to be an old cow farm, now these warehouses will host this new wedding concept,” says Sienese entrepreneur Jacopo Bandini, who came up with the idea of a shooting at the ancient Borgo San Lorenzo, a venue loved by Italians and foreigners who choose to get married in the land of Siena.

After the re-openings following the lockdown, local entrepreneurs working in this sector decided to team up to restart. Among them was Jacopo Bandini, who made his venue available with the novelty of the ‘industrial shed’ and brought together the wedding industry to formulate an excellent offer and a unique product capable of meeting the needs of all brides and grooms. With him were wedding planners Francesca Grassini and Simona Coltellini. Together they explain that they jumped at the chance for an inspiring shoot for young brides and grooms. The very structure of the venue allowed them to recreate an industrial style in the wedding. So they took all the details of the style: cement, stone beams, bricks, iron, trying to bring it all back in a romantic and elegant way. Coltellini adds: ‘In our work as wedding planners, it is essential to work with good collaborators. It is extremely important to work with a chain of collaborators and to understand how to interact with each other during the wedding‘.