Pamela Bralia loves art and loves to express her emotions through it.

A diploma in pictorial decoration and a degree in photography from the LABA in Florence only consolidated what were already her passions, passions that have now become her work. With her shots, in fact, she tries to tell stories, leave messages, immortalise unique and unforgettable moments. Over the years, she has become more familiar with photography for contemporary art thanks to an internship at the Continua Gallery in San Gimignano. This led to a collaboration with the Gallery that led her to create images for art catalogues and installation reports. This path has given her the opportunity to specialise and now work with architectural, interior and furniture photography. Having also obtained her APR pilot’s certificate, she can now also work with aerial photography; in fact, with her drone she collaborates with important real estate agencies or advertising agencies to advertise on websites or magazines photos for the rental or sale of real estate.

Thanks to her passion for wine and food (she is a sommelier and bartender), she has collaborated with important farms and industry magazines. She has shot reportages alongside journalists, as well as short videos or video interviews. She also shoots weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies and is therefore a reportage photographer who tries to ‘stop’ a look, a situation, putting the protagonists at ease and making them spontaneous without too many poses. In each shot, she tries to highlight the lightness, the naturalness of the faces of those in front of her, and given her extroverted character, I even manage to wring a few good laughs out of them!

“I love my work, it is a genuine passion for me. I love to leave a bit of me behind every time, it’s so nice when someone thanks me excitedly because I gave them the shivers with one of my shots!
This is simply me… Pamela Bralia!”


Via Fiorentina 9, 53100 Siena

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+39 347 1871999

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