Filippo Ciampoli

Filippo Ciampoli


Filippo Ciampoli, professional photographer based in Siena.

My passion was born as a child while I was observing my family members dabbling, with skill and great enthusiasm, in black and white photography. Those gestures, those images, which slowly took shape, as if by magic, left an important mark on me, which led me to desire that passion, already inherent in my family and therefore in my DNA, should become a real profession.
After an academic path that led me to have the basic notions for a more conscious and technically professional photography, and now it is my business.
Over the years, I have constantly kept abreast of all the latest developments in the industry, equipment, and methods of production and post-production. I deal with wedding photography in Siena and its province, in Tuscany, a land also famous for its beautiful countryside that becomes a setting, a theatre where many couples get married and come to marry.

Every time Filippo Ciampoli is contacted for a wedding, he ‘curiously’ asks about the distance from the place of the ceremony to that of the reception in order to be able to better identify the various venues where to take the bride and groom. In my opinion, no photo is ever the same or similar to another…I like to put, in addition to technique and experience, my soul into every shot, thus giving each image its uniqueness. It is the wedding itself that according to the personalities and choices of you, the bride and groom-to-be, becomes unrepeatable in the moment, in the feelings, in the shots of the photo.


Services offered

  • Wedding photography service
  • Pre-wedding engagement
  • Photo book layout
  • video

Additional info

Do you work alone or with a team?

  • With a team

What is the delivery time for the finished product?

  • 60 days

How far in advance should they contact you?

  • whenever you want


Via Largo Sassetta, 19 – 53100 Siena

Contact number

+39 3205792342

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