Antonella Valerio

Antonella Valerio

Antonella Valerio’s dresses take inspiration from the 1950s, the era that gave life to the great stylists and allowed women to rediscover themselves as feminine, to make them regain their charm and femininity, to celebrate the sinuosity of their bodies, so different from what the war period had accustomed us to.

The fabrics, in fact, reflect these very models of the past, they use volumes, they are compact in shape, colourful, floral prints, they wrap with comfort, they respect the needs of every woman’s lifestyle. The designer proposes solutions that are wearable and comfortable thanks to the slight elasticity or structured with jersey that is always of high quality. The play of buttons and darts on skirts and jackets, ribbon closures, belts with buckles interchangeable in colour and shape make every size flexible and customisable.

Antonella Valerio’s style is far removed from ‘fashion trends’. It is, indeed, ‘timeless’, and enhances the femininity of every woman, whatever her physique, making her feel appreciated and admired. The search is in the shapes of the past, but enhancing their elegance and sensuality with high-quality Italian fabricsIt reinterprets style and femininity, with garments of timeless elegance and quality that enhance every woman. This is why choosing to wear a dress from her collections is a journey through comfort, colours, patterns, panache, fun and elegance.


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