Duomo di Siena

Duomo di Siena

The Duomo di Siena (the Dome of Siena) is one of the most distinguished examples of an Italian Romanesque-Gothic cathedral.

You wish to get married in Siena and want an exclusive wedding? If you want to pronounce your vows in church, then Siena and its majestic Duomo are the choice for you. According to tradition, the current building replaces an earlier church dedicated to Mary, erected around the 9th century on the site of a temple offered to Minerva. The building was consecrated in 1179, in the presence of the Sienese Pope Alexander III Bandinelli, after the peace with Barbarossa. In late 1262, the acquisition is documented of a domus destined to house the headquarters of Opera and the workshop of the masters, where the marble used in the construction of the Duomo is processed. During 1263, lead was purchased for the covering of the dome and copper for the apple that crowned it. The dome is therefore completed at this date (the lantern is a total remake in the style of 1667).

Of all the churches you can admire and visit in the city, the Duomo di Siena is one of the most spectacular. Enter and you will be breathless. The Gothic style designs its structure, elevates its grandeur and characterises its spirituality. Inside, the floor mosaics are of particular value and will accompany your steps in amazement.


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